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SARP is the one-stop- solution for any type of educational institutions with user-friendly and secure school ERP Software Solution to automate their data management process. We brings admin, teachers, students and parents on the same platform and enhances the communication among them.

We specializes in website development, software development and digital marketing services. The company is a follower of cutting-edge technologies and willing to serve the clients with the best and revisionary solutions. For us, the growth and satisfaction of the clients are the main motive and we do it by offering first-rate services. We have years of industry experience and we have been served a good number of clients who belongs to different industries.

Education is one of those industries, we work very closely. To streamline the operations of colleges and universities, we have developed college ERP software. The software is designed to cater to all the requirements of the colleges of all sizes and types. In every college a good number of students get enrolled every year. Each student takes admission in a specific course, diploma or degree course. It is essential to keep the record of every student, class, section and department. Fees, results and other detail, etc. should also store in a perfect manner to carry out various operations and jobs. The college management system allows the management and other authorized people to track all the details of every course, department and even students.

We are committed to eliminate the paper culture from the colleges by offering premium college ERP software. We are backed by a team of highly talented and skilled professionals who know how to develop cutting-edge college ERP management system software. Apart from developers and designers, we have the experts who regularly analyze the market on a regular basis to understand the rising needs of the clients. They work with the colleges and universities closely and try to understand the challenges and problems they are facing in keeping, tracking and accessing the data. Also, they check how they manage the operations based on the data of students, faculty and departments, etc.

Earlier, most colleges and educational institutes rely on paperwork only. But, it was a time consuming and troublesome job for college. All together, the students had to go through with various issues because of this conventional system. After so many technical advancements, now, everything has become easy. We take this approach a step ahead with our college ERP management system software. Buying dedicated software or maintaining an in-house team for this job can be an expensive affair for many businesses. We understand this fact very clearly; this is why we offer custom services to our clients. The clients don’t need to burn a whole in their pocket to avail the facilities of College ERP system modules.

The most amazing feature of our software is it can be customized according to the specific requirements, size and specialty of the clients. Changes are rule of life and every colleges aim to grow. We believe that growth is essential and we support it by offering customized College ERP system modules. All it means, the capacity of the software can be enhanced as and when required without any issue. As the College Management System, are user friendly and easy to operate, the clients don’t need to have any technical knowledge to operate and use them. In additional, our software is completely secure. Only authorized people can access the data.


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ERP software which is also known as Enterprise Resource Planning Software is an integrated system used by organizations to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for operations. It brings together key operations of the organization into one system. When selected and implemented the ERP software solutions correctly, it can convert extremely complex and intimidating process into simpler and organized task.

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